The Two C's

The Two C's

  • 6 Best Practices To Take Care Of Your New Roof

    A new roof installation is a big project that involves the investment of both time and money. In order to keep your roof in peak condition, you can maintain it on a regular basis using the tips below.  1. Gutters: Clean your gutters regularly to prevent the build-up of leaves and other debris. Typically, a thorough cleaning in the spring and again in the fall is sufficient. When gutters get clogged the water cannot flow through the gutter system properly and can damage your brand new shingles.

  • How Hiring A Commercial Roofing Contractor Can Reduce Business Downtime

    There are many aspects of owning a commercial property that businesses must manage. Routine maintenance and repairs are critical for ensuring that your commercial facility can be operated safely and effectively. However, amidst the many concerns and responsibilities of running a business, many aspects of maintaining a commercial property can be easily overlooked. In particular, one area of commercial properties that is often overlooked is the roof. Unfortunately, allowing your facility's roof to fall into a severe state of disrepair can lead to costly downtime for maintenance and repairs.

  • Why You Should Always Use A Specialized Construction Contractor When It Comes To Agricultural Buildings

    Agriculture is one of the largest industries in America, and much of the country is still covered in farmland of all sorts. Whether you keep livestock or harvest one of the many different fruits, vegetables, and cereals found in North America, you most likely require specialized agricultural buildings to accomplish all your tasks fully. Agricultural buildings cover a huge range of different shapes and sizes, but they do not fall under the purview of most regular construction companies.

  • The Basics Of Kitchen Cabinet Features That You Should Incorporate

    When you're in the market for new cabinets, it's the perfect opportunity to incorporate some convenience features that make your daily life easier and your kitchen more functional. Here's a look at a few of the features that you should consider as you start creating your plan for your new cabinets. Pull-Out Cabinets Whether you're installing under-counter cabinets that pull out to hold your garbage can or cabinets with pull-out racks for your baking sheets and pans, there's some real convenience in these integrated systems.

  • Three Types Of Foundation Problems That Can Be Solved Without Abandoning The House

    When you hear that your home has problems with its foundation, then it can be easy to jump to the worst possible conclusion: that your home will need to be abandoned. This is only true in the worst possible scenarios. Most of the time, foundation repair services can be called to perform a full investigation while removing, replacing, or repairing the affected areas. Here are three different types of issues that you commonly will find with your foundations that can still be repaired with the help of a reliable foundation repair contractor.

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The Two C's

Welcome to a blog about the two C's. The two C's, as you might have already guessed are construction and contractors. These words are closely related. "Construction" refers to the art and science of building something. That something could be anything from a shed to a sidewalk. "Contractors" are the people who do the building. There are general contractors who do all sorts of building work, and then there are specialists who do work such as plumbing, electrical work, and drywall. Stop by and read a few articles when you have the time, and we promise you'll learn more about these two C's.