The Two C's

The Two C's

Renovations For A Vintage Airstream Model

by Floyd Dunn

If you and your spouse would love to travel the country in a vintage airstream, having some renovations conducted first may be necessary. Use the following tips to outline your renovation plans.

Prepare A Vision Board

A vision board will depict how the interior and exterior of your airstream will look once the renovation is complete. You can draw diagrams, pin photos of various trailer layouts, or secure fabric swatches and other materials to your board. The vision board may not provide a conclusive pictorial of the exact way that the upgraded trailer will appear, but it can provide a considerable amount of information that your contractor can use when performing the upgrades.

Your contractor will help you prepare detailed plans. Research online sources, as well as salvage shops, retail stores, and other businesses. During each research session, you may discover new elements that you would like to add to your vision board.

Address Space And Create Borders

The limited amount of interior space that this type of mobile home possesses can make it challenging to prepare an interior layout that is both attractive and useful. Removing the carpeting and installing tiles, upgraded counters, and cabinets can provide your airstream's interior with a more spacious vibe than it originally had.

Your building contractor can install features that serve dual purposes. A counter unit that contains an attached cabinet or hooks can be used to store kitchen materials and prepare meals. A hideaway bed or futon can be used as a seating area and a sleeping area. Try to be practical when choosing pieces that will be added to your home on wheels. Your time spent away from home will be best served by having exactly what you need without adding too much clutter to your interior space. 

Source Materials From Vintage Models

Acquiring original materials can be expensive and may result in you being charged a markup from your contractor. If you search for vintage materials yourself, you can physically assess each item of interest, plus you may not be responsible for paying inflated costs.

Join a vintage airstream group or a travel group that is dedicated to mobile home or RV owners. People who you meet online through a social platform may be selling items from vintage airstreams. You will also have the option of creating posts that identify the materials that you are in search of.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for an airstream renovation company near you.


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