The Two C's

The Two C's

Decorative Options For Your Commercial Asphalt Driveway

by Floyd Dunn

Are you looking to build a driveway on your commercial property?

Commercial driveway installation is essential for ensuring vehicular traffic flows smoothly and efficiently on-premises. But which paving material should you use for your commercial project?

Asphalt is one of the most preferred materials for driveway construction. Aside from being resilient and durable, it provides a smooth surface that ensures a safe and comfortable ride and insulates against noise. Plus, road markings are more visible on asphalt driveways than on plain concrete, resulting in increased safety for drivers.

While regular asphalt paving is a practical option for your commercial driveway construction, you may not be a big fan of the black color it gives. As a result, you may want to discover ways to make your asphalt pavement look more aesthetically pleasing.

Avoid an ordinary black surface with these decorative asphalt driveway design ideas.

Stamped Asphalt

As the name suggests, stamped asphalt describes an asphalt surface imprinted to mimic the appearance of brick, slate, cobblestone, flagstone, or any other decorative paving material. Both new and existing asphalt can benefit from asphalt stamping, but the application process for each differs slightly. 

For new asphalt installations, a stamped finish is achieved by placing patterned templates — called stencils — on the asphalt surface and pressing them while the asphalt is still hot. On the other hand, existing asphalt will require reheating to become pliable enough for the stencils to work. 

Colored Asphalt

This type of decorative asphalt is achieved by adding a touch of color to the asphalt surface, improving its plain black appearance. Different methods of colorizing asphalt exist, each suited to specific applications.

One way of creating colored asphalt is to add a dry powdered color pigment to the hot asphalt mix. After the asphalt is installed, you'll end up with a driveway surface that gives the color and look you want for your property. Another way to make your asphalt driveway look colorful is to paint it. Acrylic-based paints work well for paving applications because they allow for exact colors and offer high resistance to weather damage.  You can use colored asphalt as a standalone decorative system or together with options like stamped asphalt.

Decorative asphalt will increase your project costs but it can boost your commercial property's curb appeal and resale value. Reach out to an asphalt contractor such as D & E Construction Co Inc to discuss your commercial project.


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