The Two C's

The Two C's

  • Basement Waterproofing To Keep Your Home Dry During Stormy Weather

    If you want to protect your basement from damage, there are a lot of things to consider. During stormy weather, your home can be vulnerable to various issues that you want to be aware of. Your basement waterproofing is one of your biggest lines of defense to protect your home from severe issues with water damage. The following information will help ensure your home is protected from damage during stormy weather:

  • 3 Great Home Siding Options Depending On Your Needs

    The siding on your home is one of the best ways to protect your property. The siding you choose for your home will impact its function and aesthetics as well, which is why you are going to want to think carefully about what type of siding you use. Vinyl Siding   One of the top siding options you should consider for your home is vinyl. When looking for vinyl siding, you will want to look at premium siding, not regular vinyl siding.

  • How To Ready A Site For Residential Concrete Work

    Homeowners and contractors often hire residential concrete construction firms to handle projects. If you're planning residential concrete work, it's wise to have your site ready. The company handling the job will appreciate it if you do these five things in advance of their arrival. All About That Base Most residential concrete goes on or into the ground, and a solid and stable base is essential. This is particularly the case in cold regions where loose soil can encourage the concrete to shift as the temperature changes.

  • Interior Vs. Exterior Waterproofing: Which Techniques Should You Choose For Your Basement?

    Interior and exterior waterproofing are different techniques whose primary role is to prevent moisture infiltration in the basement. Both methods prevent basement flooding, mold growth on basement floors and walls, and structural damage. However, the techniques vary in scope, results, cost, and other factors. Therefore, if you are unable to choose the best one for your basement, here are a few factors to consider. Source and Extent of Moisture Infiltration

  • The Simple Bathroom Renovation That Can Make Your Daily Experience So Much Better

    You spend a lot of time in your bathroom every day so it makes sense to invest a bit of money into it to ensure that it feels like a premium experience. After all, a little bit of cash can go a long way towards making your home bathroom feel like something out of a catalog. While it might not sound intuitive, your shower doors can cast quite a dour presence over the whole room in a way that only becomes really visible after you upgrade them and realize how bad they used to be.

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The Two C's

Welcome to a blog about the two C's. The two C's, as you might have already guessed are construction and contractors. These words are closely related. "Construction" refers to the art and science of building something. That something could be anything from a shed to a sidewalk. "Contractors" are the people who do the building. There are general contractors who do all sorts of building work, and then there are specialists who do work such as plumbing, electrical work, and drywall. Stop by and read a few articles when you have the time, and we promise you'll learn more about these two C's.