The Two C's

The Two C's

6 Hardscaping Ideas To Make Your Yard Low-Maintenance And Beautiful

by Floyd Dunn

Hardscaping is anything in your yard that is not living, growing vegetation. Hardscaping includes things such as walkways, rubber mulch, fire pits, artificial glass, and pergolas. Hardscaping can take your landscaping to the next level and make your yard easier to care for. 

1. Gravel

Gravel can be used in many different ways in your yard. It can be used to create walkways, or it can be compressed down to create parking areas. It can also be used to cover bare patches of dirt around your property. Gravel helps limit weed growth and also helps improve drainage as well. 

2. Bark & Wood Chips

Bark is one of the most classic hardscaping materials. It can be used to cover large areas and make them look more beautiful. You can put bark around your vegetation or use it to fill in planters or beds that you are not using. As an alternative to bark, you can use wood chips as well. They can be used in much the same manner as bark. Both bark and wood chips can help to control weeds and conserve water on your property. 

3. Bricks

There are so many ways that bricks can be used in your landscaping. You can use bricks to create solid walkways. Bricks are also a great material to use to create visually stunning and long-lasting patios as well. Or you can use them to create retaining walls or even elevated flowerbeds. 

4. Flagstone

If you want to go a little more natural, you can go with flagstones. Flagstones are flat pieces of rock that are often used to create walkways and patios. They have a little more visual variety to them than bricks and a little more texture as well. Flagstones are also great for creating pool decks. 

5. Artificial Grass

If you want to enjoy the look and feel of grass without worrying about mowing, fertilizing, and watering it, you can install artificial grass. You will get green outdoor space without all the work that regular grass requires. 

6. Fire Pit

Consider installing a fire pit if you want to make your yard a more fun place to hang out. A fire pit can help elevate your outdoor space, create a festive ambiance, and provide a space for gathering together year-round.

Hardscaping is about adding elements to your yard that don't require the same care and maintenance that vegetation does while continuing to elevate the look and appearance of your yard. 

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