The Two C's

The Two C's

Six Reasons Why Golf Course Bridge Construction Is So Important

by Floyd Dunn

Golf course bridges are important course features. There are plenty of benefits that bridges provide on golf courses. 

High-quality bridge construction is important for optimizing golf course attractiveness and efficiency. The following are six reasons why golf course bridge construction is so important. 

Bridges on golf courses improve accessibility.

Bridge construction on golf courses is often necessary to allow golfers to get around landscaping features and access their balls. Bridges can also allow golfers to move on to the next hole. Both footbridges and sturdier bridges that can support cart traffic are important when it comes to accessibility on many golf courses. 

Bridges on golf courses make the surroundings more scenic.

Golf course bridges don't always have to contribute to accessibility. Landscaping and scenery are important on golf courses. A lot of golf course bridges are constructed only for aesthetic reasons.

Bridges add attractive architectural features to golf course surroundings and help to enhance the appearance of bodies of water. 

Bridges on golf courses improve safety.

Adding bridges to landscaping features on golf courses can help to prevent injuries. Golfers may be tempted to jump or walk over small streams on golf courses to access their balls. This can easily lead to trip and fall injuries.

Bridges can prevent golfers from attempting to walk or jump across waterways. This means that bridge construction can help minimize a golf course's liabilities. 

Golf course bridges improve the golfing experience.

Players might enjoy golfing more when bridges are available to allow them to find a lost ball or minimize the distances they have to travel to complete a hole. Improving the golfing experience on a course leads to more satisfied customers who are likely to come back for future tee times. 

Golf course bridges allow golfers to move through the course more quickly.

Golf courses need to keep golfers moving to prevent backups that minimize the number of customers that can make it through 18 holes of golf on a given day. Putting bridges in strategic spots could allow golfers to complete holes more quickly so that there are fewer bottlenecks on a golf course. 

Golf course bridges make the jobs of golf course employees easier.

Golfers who use a course are not the only ones who benefit from having access to bridges. Employees also benefit from bridges. Employees who maintain a golf course might more easily be able to get mowing and landscaping work done if bridges are available that speed up their day-to-day tasks. 

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