The Two C's

The Two C's

Do You Need Your Septic Tank Pumped?

by Floyd Dunn

If you have a home septic tank, then septic tank pumping will be something you have to have done periodically. You will have to get this tank pumped more frequently if you have a smaller tank combined with a larger home, multiple bathrooms, or if you have added to your family. There are several reasons to have your septic tank pumping done, with the risk of damage and overflow being the most important ones. 

Recognizing when you should have your septic tank pumped will help you keep it in its best condition. If you need septic tank pumping, call a professional to assist you. Here are signs you need to have septic tank pumping done. 

You can't recall when you last had it done

You should remember when your septic tank was last serviced. If you cannot recall, then it's time to have this service done now. You don't want to risk having your septic system overflow because you missed a septic tank pumping need. In the future, have your septic tank repair and pumping specialist come to your home and have your septic system managed on a regular schedule. Your septic tank specialist will let you know how often to have this service done based on several factors specific to your home, including the size of your tank, how many people you have living in your home, and the number of bathrooms you have.

You smell sewage

Don't wait until you see sewage backing up out of your septic system to get your septic tanks pumped out. If you smell sewage, then you know it's time to have the septic tank pumping done. You may also notice that your toilets are slow to flush or drain or have other issues besides.

A smelly drainage system can be a sure sign that s septic tank is full. Don't hesitate to call your septic tank pumping specialist to have the system pumped and taken care of.

You see areas of growth in your yard

Did you know that if your septic tank is full and leaking, you may notice growth in your yard? Your yard may have areas where the grass grows well and there are lots of flowers growing as well. If your septic tank is leaking, grass will grow in the areas where leaks are due to the extra nutrients. This is a way to see if you need septic tank pumping done that is pretty accurate.


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