The Two C's

The Two C's

Basement Waterproofing To Keep Your Home Dry During Stormy Weather

by Floyd Dunn

If you want to protect your basement from damage, there are a lot of things to consider. During stormy weather, your home can be vulnerable to various issues that you want to be aware of. Your basement waterproofing is one of your biggest lines of defense to protect your home from severe issues with water damage. The following information will help ensure your home is protected from damage during stormy weather:

Dealing With Drainage Before Waterproofing

The first issue that you are going to want to deal with are the problems with the drainage. The drainage should include the basement, as well as other areas around your home that you want to keep the water out of. The watershed of your landscaping and the exterior drainage systems are some of the most important systems to consider for waterproofing. In addition, there are also systems that can be installed in the interior of your basement.

Sealing Exterior Walls to Keep Water Out 

The exterior of your home is going to need to be dealt with to keep the water out. This starts with the basement waterproofing system that is going to be installed, but it might also include sealing other exterior areas. Your home might have an old asphalt sealant that should be replaced because it is probably dry and cracked. Therefore, you might need to do some excavations to replace the sealant. This can also give you an opportunity to make some of the improvements and repairs that might need to be done to your foundation. First, you might want to add a French drainage system to the foundation of your home. You might want to invest in other improvements that help to prevent damage to your home. 

Installing Systems to Prevent Damage to Basement Walls

There are also various systems that can be installed to help prevent damage to basement walls. The systems that are installed for basement walls help to prevent pressure issues that can crack foundation walls. These systems are designed to reduce the static water pressure that causes this damage. These might be simple insulation-like panels that are installed after the foundation has been sprayed with a sealant, or they might be more modern geotextile materials. The geotextile materials are more modern solutions that help distribute the pressure evenly so that it does not cause damage to your foundation walls. 

If you are worried about your home being damaged, contact a basement waterproofing contractor to discuss what might need to be done. 


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