The Two C's

The Two C's

Working With A Contractor To Carefully Clear Your Land For Building Without Damaging It

by Floyd Dunn

Land clearing can be important when building a house or structure or creating someplace for you to camp on the weekends with the family. Taking the trees and other vegetation, rocks, stumps, and other materials off the land must be done carefully, or you could affect the drainage and stability of the land.

Land Clearing Contractors

Hiring a contractor for land clearing is a great option, but look for a company that specializes in this kind of work. Ripping out trees and vegetation is often harmful to the land, so it is critical to take some time to plan the project with your contractor before the work starts. 

Each part of the land clearing project needs to be carefully considered so that nothing is done to damage the soil, affect drainage, or change the stability of the land. If the site is on a hill, taking trees off the land can allow erosion that will eventually cause the soil to wash down the hill when it is raining, so steps need to be taken to avoid that. 

The contractor can inspect the land and develop a plan and present it to you for approval before any work begins. The contractor may recommend a retaining wall, additional drainage, or selective clearing to ensure the land remains stable and protected. In some cases, selective clearing can create a more comfortable environment once the house is built or the area developed for camping or other use. 

Trees, Rocks, And Debris

As the land clearing contractor starts to work on the project, they will need to know what to do with the materials coming off the land. Trees can be milled for wood that you can use later, rocks are often valuable for landscaping, and fill dirt or general debris can be hauled off the property and sold or dumped in a landfill. 

The contractor will want you to decide what to do with the materials because they ultimately belong to you, but if you want them to get rid of them, they can do that too. If you are removing trees that you are not going to keep, you can often sell the trees to a lumber mill for a few dollars and help offset the cost of the land clearing project. 

If you have a retaining wall constructed, talk to the contractor about using the rocks coming off the property to assemble part of the wall if you like the idea of a rock wall instead of a concrete one. You can also sell rocks and boulders to landscapers, gravel suppliers, and even cement manufacturers that will crush them to become part of a concrete mix. 


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