The Two C's

The Two C's

Dock Repair Tips

by Floyd Dunn

People often neglect the items they regularly use until a significant problem arises. You may tie your boats up to the dock or spend hours relaxing on it but forget its upkeep. Docks are unique features, and they save you a lot of money in monthly rental fees. Owning your dock also saves you time, especially if you are a boater or water enthusiast. Furthermore, the dock needs to be safe for you, other users, and your boats. Therefore, the dock's maintenance is vital, and you can prevent expensive repairs by correcting minor damage. This article analyzes several signs that show you need dock repairs. 

Damaged Foundation

The deterioration of the dock's foundation is very dangerous. In most cases, damaged foundations need you to replace the entire dock. If you discover warps and cracks on the dock's foundation, ensure professional dock repair services examine it before you walk on the pier. If the rust is severe, the foundation may also be dangerous. You can avoid such extreme damage by ensuring the dock repair firm constantly examines the foundation. Regular inspection helps them find and fix problems in the dock. If the damage is severe, ensure that you choose the best materials to replace the foundation. 

Damaged Wood

If you use wood on your dock's platform, ensure you choose treated wood to prevent rotting. Rotten wood is a significant problem for dock owners, and some of the issues may not be visible on the surface. For example, the underside of your dock's platform receives less sunlight and more moisture than the top. Therefore, you may not realize that the wood is rotten until its structural integrity is too weak to bear the additional weight. Termites are also a common cause of wood damage. A termite infestation leaves holes on the wooden surfaces of your dock's platform. Water enters these surfaces and causes fungal growth that eventually rots the wood. Therefore, ensure you constantly monitor for dry and wet rot on the dock's platform. 

Loose Decking

The most commonly used decking material is aluminum. Some people use wood to minimize costs and help the dock blend effortlessly into the natural environment. However, the loose decking can be a sign of serious problems. The fasteners may be damaged, corroded, or loose. Alternatively, the platform below the decking may be damaged and cause the decking to shake. Therefore, ensure you call a professional to examine such an issue and perform repairs. 


Dock replacements are expensive, but you can make various upgrades to make the dock safer. For example, you can easily weatherproof the port and protect it from hurricanes. Boat crash into stationary docks as they move back and forth in the water during a storm. The dock can sustain severe damage. If you encounter such damage several times, perhaps you may consider weatherproofing your dock instead of replacing it every time. You can change the foundation, make the port float, and ensure it responds to the impact from the boat without incurring damage. 

Sunlight can also damage the dock, mainly if you use wood decking. Some of the signs of damaged wood decking include cracks, discoloration, and deterioration of wood fibers. You can take several measures to protect the decking. Treating wooden surfaces with the same materials for your home may have serious environmental risks. Therefore, you can either clean and seal the dock boards during extreme weather conditions or use alternative materials. Professional dock repair services can help protect your dock from harsh weather by providing alternatives. 

Some of the deck repairs you must address include a damaged foundation, damaged wood, and loose decking. You can also perform repairs that protect the dock against the impacts of extreme weather. To learn more, contact a dock repair service


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