The Two C's

The Two C's

What Are Three Benefits Of A Pole Barn?

by Floyd Dunn

If you are looking to have a barn constructed, one of the decisions that you will have to make is whether to have a traditional barn with a foundation built or whether to have a pole barn built. Unlike a traditional barn that has a foundation, a pole barn is built around a series of poles that help to carry the structural load of the barn, rather than relying on the foundation to support the load. Learning the benefits of a pole barn can help you determine if services to build your barn may be beneficial. 

Pole Barn Buildings Are Faster to Construct

One of the first benefits associated with pole barn buildings is that they are typically cheaper than a traditional building constructed on a foundation. This is because it can be time-consuming grading a construction site and pouring concrete. That's because the concrete has to be smoothed. However, poles can be quickly and easily placed in the ground to support buildings, making these types of buildings faster to get up. 

Pole Barn Buildings Typically Are Cheaper Than Traditional Barns

Another benefit associated with pole barns is that pole barns are often cheaper than traditional barns. Once again, laying a concrete foundation is time-consuming. Since a concrete foundation takes more time, it has more labor costs associated with it. This in turn drives the cost of the entire building up. Using poles as a support system is cheaper, which helps to make the pole barn more affordable than traditional barns. 

Poles Can Carry More Weight Than a Traditional Foundation

The final benefit associated with a pole barn compared to a barn on a traditional foundation is that pole barns can carry more weight than a traditional foundation. A traditional foundation only can carry a set amount of weight based on the size and thickness of the foundation. With pole barns, you can increase the number of poles to support higher weight limits. This means that you can simply add poles to carry more weight, which gives you the ability to have heavy structures or structures that are larger in size. 

While pole barns are traditionally used for barn structures, a pole barn building can be used for a garage, storage shed, or even structural framework for a house. Reach out to pole barn services today to learn more about the pole barn building options available to you and how to get started building your building. A company like 295 Living can provide further information. 


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