The Two C's

The Two C's

Three Types Of Foundation Problems That Can Be Solved Without Abandoning The House

by Floyd Dunn

When you hear that your home has problems with its foundation, then it can be easy to jump to the worst possible conclusion: that your home will need to be abandoned. This is only true in the worst possible scenarios. Most of the time, foundation repair services can be called to perform a full investigation while removing, replacing, or repairing the affected areas. Here are three different types of issues that you commonly will find with your foundations that can still be repaired with the help of a reliable foundation repair contractor.

Cracks Up To A Certain Size

Cracks in concrete are far more common than you might like to believe, and sometimes it is not indicative of any structural issue at all, although that is best left up to an expert to decide. The smaller the cracks are in total length, the easier they are to strengthen and repair, but the width of the crack is perhaps the most important factor. The wider the crack is, the deeper it generally goes, and that is when you may require a more serious intervention. No matter the size of your cracks, foundation repair services are your best bet.

Shifting Soil Under Piers

If you have a pier foundation, then one of the most common issues that affect your type of foundation is sinking. This happens when the soil, for one reason or another, becomes unstable. This can be due to years of erosion, a particularly bad weather event, or added weight on top. The good news is that this is possible to remedy, but it will take some time due to the narrow space and the delicate nature of not damaging the perfectly fine piers. If you feel your floors sloping or sagging, this may be what is causing it and you should call for a foundation repair service as soon as possible.

Unstable Basement

Sometimes the issue with your foundation is not to do with the actual floor, but the basement walls. If these are displaying any kinds of uneven surface, cracks, water damage, or anything resembling something problematic, you need to make sure you get this addressed immediately. Your basement is basically just four retaining walls connected to your foundation, and if the structural integrity of it is compromised, then it can spell disaster in the near future. The last thing you want is for the wall to finally give way and start letting in dirt, water, and the outside world. 


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