The Two C's

The Two C's

Insight To Help You Take Care Of Your Septic System With The Right Care And Repairs

by Floyd Dunn

When your home is set up on a septic system, you don't have to worry about any of your neighbors clogging the sewer line up with their own waste because you are on your own personalized sewer treatment system. However, with a septic system, you do need to take care of what you put in your drains and how you maintain the entire system with regular care and repairs. Here are some recommendations to help you repair your septic drain field when something does go wrong and you have a clog or drain field damage.

Arrange For a Professional Evaluation

Once you have determined that there is definitely a problem in your home septic system, you will want to call for a professional in the septic field to evaluate your system's condition to help you out. Look for a septic professional who is licensed and can complete a thorough inspection of your system to find out exactly where and what the problem is. Not all septic problems are going to require a new tank or drain line installation, and they are not all going to require a new drain field installation. But some do, and it is important that you get a full evaluation of your system's condition so you can take measures to properly repair the issues.

After the professional evaluation is completed, you may find out that the drain field is damaged or one of the lines is clogged with debris. You may also find that the soil around the drain field is compacted or not allowing proper drainage of the septic wastewater and it will need to be repaired. Any of these situations may be the problem behind your septic issues, and it is important that your system can be repaired quickly. 

Hire a Repair

One of the more common types of septic problems occurs in the drain fields of the system. There are many variables that can work against your system functioning properly within the drain field. For example, the soil above the drain field may have become compacted due to soil movement or the wrong type of soil being present in the area.

Your septic professional can remove and replace the soil with the right type of drainage soil or they can move the drain field site to a new area in your yard with the right soil conditions. They should complete a soil percolation test first to find the right type of soil present in your yard so the drain fields can percolate the wastewater down into the soil.

For more information on septic tank drainfield repair, contact a professional near you.


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