The Two C's

The Two C's

Plumbers: 3 Aspects That Determine The Kind Of Plumbing Pipes You Install

by Floyd Dunn

When building your home, plumbing is among the vital aspects you need to keenly consider. Installing a plumbing system in your home can be overwhelming because you perhaps don't know the best plumbing pipes to install. However, your work becomes much easier when you hire professional plumbers to choose and install them for you.  The quality of the pipes determines how efficient your plumbing system will be. Because you don't want to make a plumbing mistake that will cost you a lot more later, here are things to consider when choosing pipes for your plumbing project.

Sunlight Exposure

You should consider whether the pipes will be exposed to direct sunlight. Just as the sun has some serious effects on your skin, it can also impact your pipes. The quality of the pipes deteriorates quickly when they are excessively exposed to sunlight, making them more vulnerable to issues that reduce their lifespan. This often happens because of the temperature changes involved. Although the PVC pipes are durable and more reliable, they shouldn't be exposed to direct sunlight or used to carry hot water. If you need to use these pipes, hire competent plumbers to insulate them so temperature fluctuations don't affect their quality.

The Purpose for the Plumbing Pipes

It's good to consider the amount of water pressure you need to meet your needs at home. This helps you find the correct pipes for your plumbing system. How you intend to use water in your home determines if you need high or low water pressure. For high-pressure water, ensure you choose wide and durable plumbing pipes because they can effectively sustain the force. In this case, plastic pipes are the best option for you. However, it's important to consider how smooth the pipes are, especially if you want to minimize costs on water bills. Pipes with a smooth surface enhance water flow and effectively minimize resistance.

The Type of Water

Water type can vary based on where you live. So as you choose your plumbing pipes, consider the type of water that will flow through them. If the water is corrosive, it's likely to dissolve the materials or even the pipe surface that comes into contact with it. This means you need to choose stronger and resistant pipes so they can serve you longer. If you choose low-quality pipes, they will be degraded quickly, which means you would have to replace them from time to time. Where possible, avoid the metal or copper pipes if you live in an area with corrosive water because it will corrode them. Let a professional test the acidity levels in your water source to help you know the plumbing pipes you should install.

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