The Two C's

The Two C's

Three Benefits Of Manual Demolition

by Floyd Dunn

When you have a need for a demolition project, your first step will be to contact a local demolition service and have someone from the company visit your building to assess it. One of the initial things that you'll talk about is what type of demolition will be best for your particular project. Most demolition services can perform many different types of work, and the person who is assessing your building will give you their opinion about the best way to proceed. For many jobs, manual demolition is best. This means that several people will physically take the building apart, rather than using a large device such as a wrecking ball. Here are three benefits of manual demolition.


Some forms of demolition make a huge mess, which isn't always ideal in certain environments. If you aren't able to cordon off a large perimeter around your demolition site for one or more reasons, using a method such as a wrecking ball may produce a mess that goes beyond your property line and cause issues with those around you. Manual demolition is much more of a tidy process and won't involve debris potentially flying off your property. This is one of the reasons that manual demolition is often the best choice in confined areas.


It's important to think about safety during your demolition project, and this is particularly true if your building is older and has sources of asbestos and other harmful materials in it. Demolition with a wrecking ball would not be safe in this situation, as the impact from the wrecking ball would release particles of asbestos into the air. Manual demolition will allow the demolition crew, who will be dressed in enhanced protective gear, to safely remove asbestos and other materials from the building without risk to themselves or other people in the area.

More Affordable

A number of factors can influence how much your demolition project will cost. Mechanical methods of demolition, such as the use of a wrecking ball, can often be pricey because of the cost of operating this large and expensive machine. It's always worthwhile to talk to the demolition service about the cost of manual demolition versus other methods. You may find that the former method is a better option for your budget. When it's time to start thinking about the demolition of a building you own, look online to find a reputable demolition company in your area.

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