The Two C's

The Two C's

Important Steps Deck Builders Take When Installing A New Residential Deck

by Floyd Dunn

A deck is a fun addition to your yard that draws your family outdoors and away from movies and screens. You can use your deck for so many things during day-to-day life and for entertaining guests too. The first step in getting your new deck is to select a deck builder with a good reputation and get the process started. Here are some steps involved in building your new deck.

Design The Deck And Obtain A Permit

You'll need to know the type of deck you want including the dimensions and type of wood to be used. The deck builder needs to know this information so they can give you an accurate quote for the work.

Then the builder needs to create blueprints for the deck. They submit the building plans to the city in order to obtain a permit. The builder also needs to calculate the supplies needed and order them to be delivered to your home.

This part of the deck-building process might take weeks. It depends partly on getting the supplies delivered and partly on how long it takes your city code's office to approve your plans. Work can't start until the plans are approved, and some cities are slow to approve permits. This could cause you to wait for weeks before the builder can get started. During this time, the builder has utility lines marked too, so they'll be able to dig safely once work begins.

Prepare The Deck Site

The builder needs to prepare the ground in advance of work on the deck. They'll remove sod and put down landscaping fabric. They may mark the dimensions with string or tape. They'll also dig holes needed for the posts that will support the deck. Once the preparation work is complete, you'll wait for the materials and installation day to arrive.

Build The Deck

Building the deck starts with sinking the posts that support the rest of the deck. The deck builder follows the design you approved and uses the materials you selected to build the deck, rails, and steps to your specifications. The builder may require a deposit when you sign the contract with the balance to be paid when the work is complete.

You'll be informed of how payments work before you agree to the contract. You'll also be given a start date and estimated date of completion. However, since deck building is done outdoors, there could possibly be weather delays. If you want a deck for summer fun, don't wait too long to get the process started.

For more information, contact a deck builder near you.


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