The Two C's

The Two C's

A Dumpster Rental Is A Good Choice For Decluttering Your Yard Of Large Toys And Playground Equipment

by Floyd Dunn

If your kids have outgrown some of their outdoor toys, such as the sandbox, playground set, or ride-on toys, it's a good time to declutter your yard and claim the space for something else. You might consider an above-ground or inground pool for entertaining your kids, or you might build a shed for your lawn equipment.

The problem is how to get rid of old outdoor toys since they're too large to fit in a trash container. If they're in good shape, you can give them away, but if they've been in the sun and exposed to temperature swings for a few years, they're probably not worth saving. Renting a dumpster could be the solution. Here are tips for using a dumpster to get rid of outdoor clutter.

Prepare Ahead To Save Money

If you rent the smallest size you need and keep it for the shortest amount of time, you'll pay less than if you rent a big dumpster that has a lot of wasted empty space when you're through. Some dumpster rental companies may have a minimum rental period, but others may let you rent by the day or weekend.

To take advantage of a daily rental, you need to prepare ahead of time so everything is ready to throw in the dumpster when it arrives. That could mean taking apart playground equipment or tearing down an old shed and staking the debris so it can be transferred easily and quickly to the dumpster. This also gives you the ability to take your time tearing things down and collecting clutter without worrying about daily dumpster charges.

Know What Is Allowed In The Dumpster

If you have extra space in the dumpster, it may be tempting to chop off tree limbs or dig up shrubs so you can get rid of them easily. However, make sure you're allowed to mix materials. The dumpster rental company may not allow you to mix tree branches with plastic or metal, so it's important to find out ahead of time so you don't get charged an extra fee.

When you're filling the dumpster, you may want to leave metal items until last, such as an old metal slide or metal swing set. It might be easy for you to find a metal recycler who will pick up old metal things free of charge so they can recycle them. If you do that, you can free up space in your dumpster for plastic and wood items. Plus, you'll eliminate the problem of having to keep recyclables separate if that's a requirement of your dumpster rental company.

For more information on a dumpster rental, contact a company near you.


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