The Two C's

The Two C's

Why Gutter Covers Are Worth The Investment

by Floyd Dunn

Gutters are meant to help water drain from your home's roof in a way that is less damaging to your roof, siding, garden beds, and foundation. A basic set of gutters will go a long way towards keeping your home in better shape. However, there is another product worth adding to your gutters — gutter covers. These covers prevent twigs and leaves from entering the gutters themselves. Here are some key reasons why they are worth the investment.

They keep you from having to clean your gutters as often.

Cleaning out gutters is not exactly a fun job. You have to climb up on a ladder, and you have to get your hands dirty with gunk from the gutters. The less often you have to do this, the better. With gutter covers, you will no longer need to clean your gutters seasonally or even yearly. A little bit of small debris may make it through the guards and into the gutters, but most of this will rinse out when it rains. You may need to check and clean your gutters on rare occasions, but not often at all.

They protect your foundation.

When gutters become clogged, the first part of your home to suffer is often the foundation. Water will pour over the edges of clogged gutters, run down the side of your home, and saturate your home's foundation. This can lead to leaks and cracks over time. Gutter guards will keep your gutters from getting so clogged that this happens, so they are protecting your foundation in the process.

They prevent streaks on your siding.

When water runs down your home from a clogged gutter, that water is not typically clean. It will carry with it dirt and grime from the gutters. Over time, this can stain the siding. If you have gutter guards, however, your gutters are far less likely to become clogged and overflow. It costs a lot less to install gutter guards than to replace stained siding. Plus, homes without stains on the siding have better curb appeal. If you want to sell your home anytime soon, the lack of streaks will benefit you.

Gutter guards are not that expensive when you consider the many ways in which they will save you headaches and money over the years. Have a set installed soon. Your foundation, siding, and the rest of your home will thank you, as well as potential buyers.


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